January 2018 Show Pics

Last month I participated in my first jumping competition of the year and overall it went pretty well. This was my second official jumping show with Couelita, my new project horse (Blue sadly had to be re-homed due to an injury last year), and while we didn’t place in either of our classes, we didn’t have any major mistakes, so I’m calling it a win. 🙂

The lighting wasn’t great, so I didn’t get very many good shots, but a few turned out nice:



Spotted these guys in Cardiff Bay:


These are from a hike Sandrine and I took in the mountains near her house:


Last July, I went to visit Sandrine for a few days, and one of the first things we did was visit the Doctor Who Experience (I was determined to go before it closed two months later). Just like last time, I got very shutter-happy, much to my sister’s amusement.

A few of my favorite shots:


Happy Mew Year!


Hope 2018 has been meow-velous so far. More to come soon! 🙂

Meet Meknes!

Mid-May, we had a new addition to the barn family:DSC_1439csDSC_1442csDSC_1447cs

Isn’t he cute?

He’s also very friendly and loves being petted:DSC_1451csDSC_1459cs

These are actually from a couple of months ago; he’s gotten bigger and darker since then. He is going to be one handsome boy when he grows up. 🙂

Back in July, I did a photoshoot with my friend Marie and her horse Armis (his very first shoot). It was a lot of fun, funky light and derpy horse moments notwithstanding. A few of my favorites:


From the “outtakes”:


“I wuv you, Mom…”

He’s such a goober. 😛 But a very handsome goober.

Pony Games

Usually we have an end-of-the-year show at the barn, but this year we did something different: a games day, in which parents participated alongside their kids (and the older riders). Much fun ensued. 🙂DSC_1033csDSC_1117csDSC_1146csDSC_1181cs

Even Fred took a turn:DSC_1202csDSC_1221csDSC_1230csDSC_1233csDSC_1247csDSC_1296cbws

I think I can safely say it was a huge success and I hope we do this again sometime. 🙂