The next leg of our epic roadĀ trip was driving down to Dallas, Texas. It rained most of the way down, and the whole time we were there, so I only got a handful of pictures.

DSC_1229cs DSC_1232cs DSC_1236cs

We spent two days in Dallas catching up with our friends. We even got to attend a Messianic church service, which was pretty cool. :)

"I'm gonna get your nose!"

“I’m gonna get your nose!”

Sandrine and I with our host family

Sandrine and I with our host family

Rainbow Falls

Our next stop after Pike’s Peak was Rainbow Falls. Or, as the locals call it, Graffiti Falls. Again, this is something I’d like to see again on a sunny day, but until then, enjoy the slightly grayer version:

DSC_1203cs DSC_1209cs DSC_1210cs DSC_1211cs

Pike’s Peak

After the Garden of the Gods, David took us up to Pike’s Peak, which I’d been wanting to visit for years. As you saw from my previous post, it was overcast and drizzly that day, but once we got above the cloud cover, the view was amazing:

Crystal Reservoir

Crystal Reservoir




We only got about 3/4 of the way up the mountain; the rest of the road was still snowed in. Still, I wasn’t complaining:

DSC_1159cs DSC_1161cs DSC_1163cs DSC_1182cs

Garden of the Gods

Sandrine and I spent a couple of days in Colorado Springs. Our host, David, proved to be an excellent tour guide, and we had a lot of fun sightseeing in spite of the rain (incidentally, it rained every single day of the trip).

Our first stop was the Garden of the Gods, which I hope to visit again when it’s not so wet:

Spot the deer!

Spot the deer!

DSC_1106cs DSC_1109cs

The Amazing Balanced Rock

The Amazing Balanced Rock

David and Sandrine

David and Sandrine



Day 2 started off much like Day 1: getting up before the crack of dawn – and me promptly falling back asleep in the car. The scenery was much like the day before, ie. mainly desert, but gorgeous.

DSC_0989cs DSC_1011cs

We stopped in Castle Valley for a bit, and I’m pretty sure I was drooling over the scenery:

DSC_1029cs DSC_1032cs DSC_1033cs

A couple of hours later, we crossed over into Colorado:


And were promptly greeted by a thunderstorm, then hail, and as we made our way into the mountains, snow!

DSC_1063cs DSC_1069cs DSC_1086cs

Craziness. Needless to say, we were very happy to get to Colorado Springs.

So… I meant to publish this much sooner, but the past month has been fairly insane. Nothing bad, just very, very busy.

Anyway, I promised y’all an account of that epic cross-country road trip with my sister, so here goes…

Day One started with a 4 am wake-up, as we had a very long drive ahead. One of Sandrine’s housemates was coming with us as far as Colorado Springs, which meant that we were able to split driving duties three ways the first two days. On the flip side, that meant that when I wasn’t driving, I was doing my best impression of a sardine in the back seat. Good thing I’m tiny. :P

Our first leg of the journey took us from Eureka, California, to Ely, Nevada (aka The Middle of Nowhere). I didn’t manage to get any pictures of the redwood forest (I was driving and there was no good place to pull over), but once we got to Nevada I was able to get some good ones. These don’t fully do the scenery justice, but they’ll give you an idea:


Taking pictures from the back seat was tricky at times

Taking pictures from the back seat was tricky at times

DSC_0943cs DSC_0949cs DSC_0958cs

Our last refueling stop for the day was in Eureka, Nevada, which we all found hilarious:


Trinidad Beach

DSC_0750cs DSC_0755cs DSC_0773cs DSC_0782cs DSC_0819cs DSC_0836cs


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