Trinidad Beach

DSC_0750cs DSC_0755cs DSC_0773cs DSC_0782cs DSC_0819cs DSC_0836cs

No, we did not burn a real cow. It was a wooden one:DSC_0669cs

And yes, it was just as fun as it sounds.

We started the evening with a bonfire, complete with the traditional activities of roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, and watching the sunset.DSC_0679csDSC_0706cs DSC_0709csDSC_0728cs

Once it got dark, we took the cow, on which we’d stuck notes with various “religious”/false mindsets (hence the name), and hoisted it onto the bonfire.DSC_0741cs DSC_0746cs

Like I said, awesome. :)

Surfing With Seals


Celtic War Cries

One of the activities I got to both observe and participate in was the Celtic War Cries. This is a last-week-of-school tradition at BSSD, and it is pretty awesome. Everyone draws a traditional Celtic tribal motto/war cry from a bag, then yells it while driving a sword into the sand.DSC_0507cs DSC_0533cs DSC_0545cs DSC_0551cs DSC_0578cs DSC_0594cs DSC_0603cs DSC_0640cs

These war cries were what each tribe was about, what each member aspired to, and they are still applicable today. For instance, the one I drew was, “Not having followed mean pursuits.” I certainly hope that will always be true of me.


So… remember when I said this trip was going to be an adventure? Well, so far it has been, but not quite the kind I had in mind.

The first part of the trip went according to plan: we drove up to Lyon Sunday evening and flew up to Paris the next morning. Our flight to San Francisco was supposed to leave a couple of hours later, but technical issues caused delays and ultimately it was postponed until the next morning. Of course this was after we’d (finally) boarded the plane. At least we didn’t have to spend the night in the airport: the airline put us up in a hotel, dinner and breakfast included.

Next morning, take 2: the flight was slightly delayed, but we did eventually make it to San Francisco in one piece. We cleared immigration with no problems, and got to baggage claim only to discover that several suitcases, including my mom’s and mine, had somehow stayed behind in Paris. Argh. So, when we stopped for dinner on our way to Sandrine’s, we also made a quick Wal-Mart run and grabbed a few essentials. We finally arrived at midnight, by which point I had been awake for over 24 hours (I dozed a little on the plane and in the car, but not enough to really qualify as sleep). It took another day to more or less get over jet lag – the 9-hour time difference is pretty brutal.

The last couple of days have been spent meeting most of Sandrine’s friends and teachers, participating in some of the last-days-of-school activities (which I will describe in more detail in my next posts), doing a little sightseeing, and helping her pack. And waiting on the suitcases, which finally arrived yesterday afternoon. Needless to say, we’re all hoping this was the extent of the insanity for this trip.

A few pictures from the drive up from San Francisco:

DSC_0416cs DSC_0418cs DSC_0424cs DSC_0428cs DSC_0444cs DSC_0450cs

After crossing the bridge, we stopped at Vista Point where I was able to get a few shots that were not from the back seat of a moving car:

DSC_0458cs DSC_0466cs

Our final destination:


No relation to the sci-fi town of the same name, however. ;)

In a few days, my sister Sandrine and I are going to embark on an adventure we’ve been wanting to go on for years. She’s been living in California for the last two years, attending the Bethel Supernatural School of Discipleship. After her graduation next week, she’s moving back to Virginia for a bit, which means a cross-country drive, and I’m going with her. We’ve wanted to do a cross-country road trip together for a long time, so naturally we’re both super excited about this. :D

We’ve got our itinerary mapped out, and barring any incidents, this trip should take us about ten days. We’ll be visiting with friends along the way, and I’ll get to meet a few people I’ve been wanting to meet for a while. I can’t wait!

Naturally, I will be bringing my camera and posting pictures along the way. There will probably be lots of anecdotes to share as well. This is going to be an adventure, after all. :D

Last Saturday I broke with tradition somewhat and instead of taking pictures of classes, I wandered around for about an hour, snapping pictures of whatever caught my eye.

This included horses being silly:



Or posing:

"Why yes, I am naturally this fabulous."

“Why yes, I am naturally this fabulous.”

Lots of flowers in bloom at the moment, which provided some very nice camera fodder:

DSC_0336cs DSC_0379cs DSC_0385cs


Naturally, at the end I found myself by the ponies’ pasture and took these little gems:








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