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Pony Games 2019

It seems that having a games day instead of a show for our end-of-the-year celebration has indeed become our new tradition, and I, for one, love it. I know it’s much less of a hassle to organize, and it allows everyone to participate, including the parents.

We started off with a bunch of carnival-style games (sack race, musical chairs, apple bobbing, etc.) then finished off with a relay race. Oh, and each participant was holding one or two raw eggs which they had to try not to break:


Pics from Grenoble

Back in June some friends in Grenoble asked me to come up and do a photo session, and afterwards we went for a walk in town:


Then we took the cable car up to the Bastille:


We had a great view of the city from there:


Me at the fort:




On our way up to an even better vantage point:


From there we could see the Mont Blanc:


Plus some goats:


There’s a series of zip lines set up around the fort, and I have to say it looks pretty fun:


Just after I took that picture, the sky, which had been only mildly ominous up to that point, clouded over completely and 5 minutes later we were caught in a torrential downpour. And since the cable cars were stopped because of the storm, we had to hike back down in the rain. Needless to say, we were a pretty soggy bunch when we got back to the apartment. Thank God for hot showers! Nothing like a little adventure to cap off an already fun day. 🙂

Concert Pics!

I promised you concert pictures, so here you go. These are from the Collectif Cieux Ouverts (Open Heavens Collective) concert at my church on the 11th:


DSC_0429cs“Struttin’ mah stuff…”


My favorite pic of the whole day:DSC_0722cs“I’m flying!”


As per usual, the little kids were super cute:DSC_0919cs

This Very Good Boy was quite photogenic:DSC_0960csDSC_1008cs

And that’s a wrap!

Next time will (hopefully) be concert pictures.

Last month we had one of our unofficial/practice jumping competitions, and despite the scattered showers it was quite a success. For some of the kids, it was their first time participating in a competition of any sort. It was also a first for Fantasia (formerly known as Etoile):


Our little rescue pony has come a long way in just under a year. She was basically feral (and severely neglected) when she arrived, and now she’s healthy, fit, and super cuddly. And she’s learning quickly: she’s only been in training for a few months and she’s already mastered the basics. We may have a future show pony on our hands.

DSC_0199csDSC_0202cbwsDSC_0229csDSC_0232csAmazingly, she did not fall off.


I jumped two rounds with Couelita, and then my friend Ilona took a turn:


And a shot of Radium to finish up:


And that’s it for now! I might be doing a show at the end of the month; if so, there will definitely be pictures. In any case, now that spring is basically here I’m planning on doing some “springtime” shoots soon. Stay tuned…

Website Is Up!

After much fiddling around, I finally got my official photography site up and running yesterday. Check it out: www.stephanie-bruce-photo.com

For those of you who don’t read French, my apologies. Hope you enjoy the pictures, at least. 🙂