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Trinidad Beach

DSC_0750cs DSC_0755cs DSC_0773cs DSC_0782cs DSC_0819cs DSC_0836cs


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No, we did not burn a real cow. It was a wooden one:DSC_0669cs

And yes, it was just as fun as it sounds.

We started the evening with a bonfire, complete with the traditional activities of roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, and watching the sunset.DSC_0679csDSC_0706cs DSC_0709csDSC_0728cs

Once it got dark, we took the cow, on which we’d stuck notes with various “religious”/false mindsets (hence the name), and hoisted it onto the bonfire.DSC_0741cs DSC_0746cs

Like I said, awesome. 🙂

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Celtic War Cries

One of the activities I got to both observe and participate in was the Celtic War Cries. This is a last-week-of-school tradition at BSSD, and it is pretty awesome. Everyone draws a traditional Celtic tribal motto/war cry from a bag, then yells it while driving a sword into the sand.DSC_0507cs DSC_0533cs DSC_0545cs DSC_0551cs DSC_0578cs DSC_0594cs DSC_0603cs DSC_0640cs

These war cries were what each tribe was about, what each member aspired to, and they are still applicable today. For instance, the one I drew was, “Not having followed mean pursuits.” I certainly hope that will always be true of me.


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Alrighty, as promised, here is a sampling of my shutter-happiness from this fall:

Angel and Kevin at the river trail

Pics from Grignan (a village not far from here):

So much "artsy shot" potential here...

Castle entrance

Abbey courtyard

Side view of the castle

Pics from Toulon:

Toulon marina

View from the Mont Faron

Kevin, Angel and Audrey

Audrey and me


A few shots from the soccer game:

October pics coming up next!

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