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Happy Caturday!


I know it’s been a while; update coming later today (fingers crossed)! In the meantime, hope you enjoyed the cuteness. 🙂


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Have a few of Lucy playing with string:


And this is why you should never try to make your bed with the cat in the room:


“This is a job for… Super Lucy!”


“Move? But I’m comfy here.”

Happy Friday, everyone! 🙂

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Meowy Christmas!

Twilight and Lucy hope your Christmas was purr-fect!


New kitty bed is Twilight-approved


“Why yes, I am actually comfortable like this.”

Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas, and may you all be very, very blessed this coming year! 🙂

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“Talk to the Paw!”


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Ahh… freedom! My job at the rest stop ended two weeks ago, and I am thoroughly enjoying getting to sleep in every morning, among other things. I’m also able to spend more time at the barn and take pictures (weather permitting), and I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed it. Here are a few of my most recent shots; enjoy! 🙂

DSC_1468cs DSC_1491cs DSC_1576cs DSC_1558cs DSC_1548cs DSC_0033cs DSC_1592cbws

DSC_0069cs DSC_0089cs DSC_0096cbws DSC_0107cbws DSC_0119cs DSC_0172cs


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Kitties Vs. The Camera

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you will have noticed that cats are one of my favorite subjects to photograph, second only to horses. The reason, aside from their general gorgeousness, is their huge entertainment factor. I’ve often said that you don’t really need a TV when you have cats; they’re practically walking cartoons. Or cartoon fodder, in this case:

lucy cartoon 1s lucy cartoon 2s lucy cartoon 3sOther times they’ll make it pretty clear what they’re thinking:

"I am not amused."

“I am not amused.”

*sigh* Are we done yet?

“You better not be using that warping app!”

Doing “photoshoots” with Lucy can also be highly entertaining. She’ll strike a fabulous pose or two:



And then she’ll get bored:

*yawn* "Are we done yet?"

*yawn* “Are we done yet?”

Sometimes I’m not sure I want to know what’s going on inside her head…






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I know I’ve mostly been posting pictures of Lucy lately, but Twilight is just as photogenic:




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