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We stayed a few days with Aunt Susie and Uncle Dan in Charlottesville, and I think I can safely say we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I hadn’t seen any of them in four years, so we had a bit of catching up to do. It was a little disconcerting to see how much Will and Matt had grown; I’m pretty sure Will at least will be taller than me next time I see him. On the flip side, their being older meant we actually have some things in common now. Namely, Will is now a huge Doctor Who fan, which pleases me greatly. 😀 Sandrine was amused to note that we have the same “geek-out” face. Well, I have been saying for years that Will is basically a male version of me, so really, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. And Matt is a male version of Sandrine (which she does not bother to deny).

Our visit was filled with errands, video games, ONE episode of Doctor Who (Will and I managed to behave ourselves), soccer games, a visit with Grandpa, and a trip to the Green Valley Book Fair (where I managed to not buy ALL the Doctor Who novels). Good times. 🙂

Will's soccer game

Will’s soccer game

Matt's soccer game

Matt’s soccer game


Yes, it says Stargate Lane

Yes, it says Stargate Lane

Visiting Grandpa

Visiting Grandpa

Uncle Dan, Aunt Susie, Matt, and Will

Uncle Dan, Aunt Susie, Matt, and Will


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Starting off with pics from Fredericksburg:

Awaken the Dawn

Getting ready to take a trip down memory lane

Jonathan at Jepson fountain

Lisa and Ian

The library "tunnel"

"I tawt I taw a tamera!"

The boys on the Spirit Rock

Monroe fountain

Quite a few of these around campus

Random flower close-up

The bell tower

Squirrel! (a VERY common sight on campus)

Lee Hall

Sandrine with our awesome hosts, the Pendergrafts


Pics from Charlottesville:


Mini road trip

Something you don't see in France - frame houses

Gorgeous Virginia landscape

We made it!

Of course the boys headed straight for the swing set

Say cheese, Will!

Captain Matt at the helm

More gorgeous scenery

"Hi, chickens!"


I only managed to get a few pics at the ranch before the batteries died…

Royal Cadet, aka RC


At BJ’s:

Cavalry, aka Cav


“Uh, Mom, you’re in my spot…”
One last cute pic:

Jim and Max


Aaand that’s a wrap! Until next time… 🙂

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