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As you can tell from the title, these are a couple of months old, but I hope you enjoy anyway:


More coming shortly!


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March was when I started taking around a thousand pictures a month, and over half of those in a single day (shows are GREAT camera fodder, let me tell you). Narrowing it down to a couple dozen was something of a challenge.

Pics from the March 4th show:

Iliona and Scarlett

Elise and Tenace

“Whatcha lookin’ at, punk?”

Sophie and Leslie

This is what’s known as slamming on the brakes – we had quite a few of those that day

A little cuteness:

Happy kitty 🙂

On the 9th I went to a show with a friend (one of her friends was competing) and afterwards we went to see her critters:

We both drooled over this horse




A couple of class pics:

Sophie on Sire

Probably my favorite picture of Elise and Tenace

Séverine and Travolta

More kitties:

Lucy’s new favorite position on the couch

One last jumping class pic:

Pauline and Poncho

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