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Sunday’s show went really well, in spite of the sky intermittently spitting on us (April showers have arrived in full force this week). Couelita and I did very well: we didn’t place, but we jumped clear both rounds, which is a first for us (until now the best was one out of two). My friend Ilona rode her for a third round and they jumped clear as well, which is even more impressive considering Ilona had only jumped her twice before. So I can safely say that the last year of hard work is definitely paying off. 🙂

It was also a good day for pictures. I didn’t take quite as many as usual, but the vast majority turned out well (usually I have a ton of blurry ones, but I think I’ve – finally –  managed to figure out how to focus properly). Here’s a sample:


We have another show coming up next month, and hopefully I’ll have some other stuff to take pictures of in the meantime (weather permitting, of course).

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As promised, here are some of my favorite pictures from last week’s show (which went really well, by the way; a couple of minor oopses but overall I’m very pleased with how we did). Enjoy! 🙂


And on that note, we’re done (for now). See you next time! 🙂

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A few of my favorite pics from last month’s jumping show:



Say cheese!


And since spring has finally sprung, I took some pictures of our flowers earlier (also, it was an excuse to be able to make that horribly lame pun in the title):


Bonus Lucy picture:


Happy May Day, everyone! 🙂

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Jumping in the Rain

DSC_0723cs DSC_0731cs

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I couldn’t help noticing a theme while looking through my pictures from December. Let’s see if you can guess it…

Pics from the December 4th show jumping competition:

Somebody was in the Christmas spirit

Go Leslie!

Fleurine and Nénuphar, looking classy

Titi and her buddy Polo

Doriane and Naika

Radium the Flying Pony

Thibault, future show jumping champion

Laurélia and To Moon reaching for, well, the moon

A couple of horsey portraits:

Qui Donc


Class pics:

Fred showing off his vaulting skills

Cross country pics:

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