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Let me explain.

No, there is too much. Let me sum up. πŸ˜‰

The past few months have been busy with work, weddings, and assorted “stuff.” Add a hefty dose of procrastination, and, well, here we are. I’m not quite even sure where to start at this point.

Work-wise, things are still going well. This summer was pretty busy, as I expected, but nothing overwhelming. I have to say, it’s nice to have a boss and co-workers who don’t freak out over everything. Looking back, we made and processed a ton of nougat (lots of huge orders for the rest stop, plus quite a few tourists coming through), but we always managed to get everything done without anyone having a meltdown. I was still pretty pooped at the end of the day, but nothing compared to when I was at The Big Nougat Factory That Shall Not Be Named. Things have slowed down a bit since September, but Christmas season is approaching fast, and we’ve already started on the nougat logs (they’re fun to eat, but a pain to make). At least I’ll get a break after Christmas.

As far as the critters go, I unfortunately have some sad news: we had to put Twilight to sleep back in July. Her arthritis had gotten really bad and the pain just wasn’t manageable anymore. Needless to say, it’s been a little rough on everyone. 😦 Lucy had a pretty bad bout of anxiety for a couple of weeks afterwards. It didn’t help that just a few days after Twilight passed we all went away for the weekend to attend a wedding. Lucy stuck to me like glue for days after we got back. She’s doing better now, but she is definitely a lot cuddlier than she used to be, even with the others. Before, I was pretty much the only one she’d snuggle with, and even then only occasionally. Now she wants cuddles at least once a day, and she’ll even ask other people for petting.

Blue is still as energetic as ever, though she’s certainly settled down quite a bit lately. She still has the occasional spazzy moment, but overall she’s much more focused. We mostly worked on jumping over the summer, and both Fred and Lucie have been very pleased with her progress. For the last month or so we’ve been focusing on dressage, which is what she’s had the most trouble with, and miracle of all miracles, she’s been improving significantly there as well. I might finally be able to do eventing with her this year! In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy the little victories. πŸ™‚

In other news, there were two weddings this summer: Thomas and Melodie got married in July, and Olivier and Sissi in August. Both weddings were accompanied by lots of rain, which was mildly inconvenient, but supposedly it’s good luck. In any case, everything went well, everybody was happy, and I got lots of good pictures, so yay. πŸ™‚ That said, I hope the next wedding I go to doesn’t last until the wee hours of the morning. I was kind of a zombie after those two.

Sandrine was here for 3 months before heading over to Wales, where she plans to settle permanently. *sniff* My little sister is all grown up and leaving the nest. Okay, she was already pretty much gone with those 5 years in the States, but this is the Big Move. Naturally, this has been a mixture of exciting and mildly terrifying. But mostly exciting (I hope).

Oh, and guess what? I HAVE A NEW CAR!!! πŸ˜€ I finally saved up enough to buy a very nice (slightly) used car at the start of the summer, and here she is. Folks, meet Lizzie!

20160708_110356bThis car is a real blessing, let me tell you. For one thing, IT HAS AIR CONDITIONING. You never appreciate stuff like that until you have to go 7 years without. Driving in the summer suddenly got a lot nicer. Particularly when we went to the beach one day and got stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the way back.

Anyway, that’s pretty much what’s been happening lately. Pictures to follow at a somewhat more civilized hour. Right now, sleep beckons. Good night/morning/whatever…


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I spent the first week of June in Virginia Beach, where, as the post title suggests, I got to meet up with quite a few people I hadn’t seen in a while. I stayed with BJ’s parents, which meant lots of meet-ups for coffee/lunch/dinner with her and her mom (and occasionally the rest of the family). She also kidnapped me for a day, which we spent at the ranch. Definitely no complaints there. πŸ™‚

There was a fair amount of running around that week, trying to fit in as many meet-ups as I could. Definitely worth it, though. I got to catch up with a friend of mine from high school who I hadn’t seen since 2002. We’d more or less kept in touch on Facebook, but it was nice to be able to talk in person again. πŸ™‚ I also got to see some family friends who I’d last seen 4 years ago.

However, the most unexpected and most heartwarming reunion for me was with my childhood best friend, Sophie. I’ve known her since I was six years old, and despite having mostly grown up on opposite sides of the Atlantic, we’d stayed close up until my second year of college, at which point she pretty much dropped off the radar. Then, after a decade of radio silence, I got a message from her on Facebook, and we got to meet up for lunch one day:

Besties reunited :)

Besties reunited πŸ™‚

Other noteworthy incidents from my stay include going to church with Dale and Diana (she’s the pastor of the United Methodist Church in Knotts Island, North Carolina) and getting drafted to sing in the choir. I was also introduced to The Big Bang Theory (I’d heard of it but never seen it – surprisingly pretty funny), and was thoroughly entertained by the cats:

vroom vroom

All in all, my visit went by far too quickly. The trip back was, thankfully, uneventful, and my luggage arrived with me. I did need a nap when I got home, though.

And so concludes my account of my epic trip to (and across) the United States. Hope you enjoyed. πŸ™‚

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A little girl and her puppy = cuteness overload. πŸ™‚DSC_0515cbwsDSC_0516cs





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February 2013 Pictures

Oddly enough, I didn’t take very many pictures last month, but I do have a handful of goodies to share.

Here’s what the barn looks like on a snow day:





Sleepy kitty:


A few of the extra shots I took during the photography job:





Like I said, not very many pics, but I hope you enjoyed anyway. πŸ™‚

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Some of my first pics with the new camera (a Nikon D3100):















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October Pictures

Lots of critters in this post, starting off with this little munchkin:

Fleur, looking most indignant


“Let me out, please?”


Peace out!


Putting the final touches on his portable DJ station

Random flower shot:


Pics from my first show of the season (Leslie and I placed 6th out of 40 in our event):



And with that, we are officially caught up! Going to a Women’s Champions League game later; hopefully I will have a few goodies to share. πŸ™‚

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March was when I started taking around a thousand pictures a month, and over half of those in a single day (shows are GREAT camera fodder, let me tell you). Narrowing it down to a couple dozen was something of a challenge.

Pics from the March 4th show:

Iliona and Scarlett

Elise and Tenace

“Whatcha lookin’ at, punk?”

Sophie and Leslie

This is what’s known as slamming on the brakes – we had quite a few of those that day

A little cuteness:

Happy kitty πŸ™‚

On the 9th I went to a show with a friend (one of her friends was competing) and afterwards we went to see her critters:

We both drooled over this horse




A couple of class pics:

Sophie on Sire

Probably my favorite picture of Elise and Tenace

SΓ©verine and Travolta

More kitties:

Lucy’s new favorite position on the couch

One last jumping class pic:

Pauline and Poncho

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