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Yes, you read that right. I spent three weeks in the States last month and the camera was largely forgotten during most of that time. To be fair, I was having too much fun with various friends and family members to take very many pictures. Living in the moment and all that (I’m not always good at it, so actually this is a good thing).

I spent most of my visit at BJ’s, getting “kidnapped” by her family almost every day (not that I was complaining) for Starbucks, shopping, and silliness. There is never a dull moment with this crew, let me tell you. 🙂

When I was not out and about, I was making friends with BJ and Mike’s pets, including this very photogenic (and ironically somewhat camera-shy) lady:


Her name is Pooka and yes, she really is as soft and fluffy as she looks.

I also got to spend a few days in Charlottesville with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. Naturally, there were some shenanigans as well:


I even managed to go back to Fredericksburg one Sunday and meet up with some old friends there.

And of course I made sure to indulge my geeky side: I was able to see Black Panther opening weekend (fantastic movie, by the way), plus I picked up a few fun odds and ends like this guy:


Yes, that is an Ant-Man keychain. I couldn’t resist.

So, that’s basically my vacation in a nutshell. There was also the usual trip out to Triple-R where I got to be barn staff again for a day, which was fun.

I’ve been back home again for a month now and not too much has been going on, aside from starting up the job hunting process (yippee). I do have a jumping show coming up on Sunday, though, so at the very least I’ll have some new pictures to share soon.


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Or, More Things I’ve Learned the Hard Way…

  • Never attempt to make your bed with a cat in the room. Cats do not understand the concept of a made bed and will be quite indignant with you for attempting to move them.
  • Always check to make sure the graham crackers are still fresh before using them, even if the package is sealed. A crumb crust made with stale graham crackers will ruin the flavor of the whole cheesecake.
  • No matter how warm (or warmer) your destination is supposed to be, always bring a sweater or something equally warm when traveling.
  • Always stretch before riding, especially if you have reason to believe your instructor is going to have you do position/balance-building exercises. Your legs will thank you.
  • Before freaking out and assuming the email gremlins ate your account because you can’t log in, check to make sure the caps lock is off when entering your password.

Yes, that last one really did happen to me a few weeks ago. It was all the more terrifying because I had just purchased my airline tickets for my upcoming visit to the States and the email confirmation and e-ticket had been sent to that account. Needless to say, I was very relieved (and felt a bit silly) when I noticed the caps lock was on. 😛

And yes, you did read that right, I am coming to the States for a visit this summer! My sister Sandrine is also coming; this will actually be our first sisters-only vacation. Look out folks… muahahaha… *cough* I mean, of course we’ll act like the mature, responsible adults we both are. 😉

In the more immediate future, we’re starting to gear up for our second youth weekend next month. If last year and what’s happened since then is any indication, this year is going to be amazing. 😀 Oh, and prayers that I (and the rest of us) won’t get sick this time around would be VERY much appreciated.

Pictures coming up in the next post…

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