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As you may have guessed from my long silence and this entry’s title, I have been very, very busy these past few months. I finally have a couple of weeks to catch my breath, so I can tell you a bit about what’s been going on.

My job at the snack bar lasted until August 31st, and no sooner was my contract up than I got drafted back at the big nougat factory. I was there almost six weeks, and to be honest, I’m glad my contract ended a few days early. The folks there are generally nice, but I can only take working in a huge, loud place for so long. Plus, at the time they were still attempting to get reorganized after buying out one of the other major factories back in January. In other words, things were decidedly less organized than before, and guess who felt it the most keenly? That’s right, all of us floor workers. Not a day went by where I didn’t hear at least one person complain about it. My team leader was particularly vocal in her displeasure, and the whole situation had her nerves so frazzled that her temper was on a hair trigger most days. Needless to say, I frequently found myself praying for an extra dose of patience. Oh, and did I mention that this was also in the middle of the rush to get the (huge) Christmas orders done? Which meant working overtime every day? My bank account was thankful for the extra hours, but my feet and head were not. πŸ˜›

I think that after that experience I won’t be going back there if I can avoid it. Some things just aren’t worth a massive headache.

Anyway, right after that I had an interview at a small local company that specializes in, among other things, gift boxes composed mainly of local products. They get orders year round, but their busiest time is around Christmas. The past seven weeks have been a blur of boxes and bags of every description, cases and cases of wine, and tons upon tons of foie gras, patΓ©, nougat, and various other goodies. We had to put in some overtime the last week to get everything finished in time (the deadline was last Friday evening), and despite a late shipment of raspberry marshmallows, we managed to complete the last order with about an hour to spare.

Now that that contract is up, I’m taking a break until January. I’ve been working almost non-stop for the past six months, and the last three have really drained me. Between the long hours at the nougat factory and the unheated warehouse after that, I am utterly wiped. I did finally get a start on my Christmas shopping today, but I’ve mostly been resting the last few days.

My busy work schedule has meant that up until now I’ve generally only been able to ride once a week instead of twice, but it’s better than nothing. I’ve been able to do a few shows as well, which went well for the most part. The dressage show I did with Naika in October was kind of a disaster (I didn’t fall off but we finished dead last of our event), but surprisingly we did better in eventing a few weeks later. I still did better in eventing with Leslie a couple of weeks before that, despite having come down with a massive cold a few days prior. That little mare might be almost 18, but she’s still got plenty of oomph. πŸ™‚ Mountain Blue, one of our new mares, may have robbed her of the title of Resident Speed Demon, however: you barely touch her and she takes off like her tail’s on fire. I rode her for the first time a few weeks ago and as you can imagine, it was far from dull. And of course it was a jumping class (Fred really likes throwing me into the deep end, it seems). Still, she’s a fun challenge and I would love to work with her some more.

In other news, we’ve learned that hosting two conferences two weeks apart is a very bad idea. Said conferences both went really well and God did some amazing things, but after the second one we were all wiped out. And because I was still working at the time, I didn’t even get the luxury of sleeping in the next morning. That was one of those situations where you have to rely on some supernatural strength to get through the day. Playing some extra upbeat music in the car in the morning helps too. πŸ˜‰

Now, in case you’re wondering if I’ve had any time for photography with all the insanity, the answer is yes. Not quite as much as during the summer, but I still have plenty to share. I already posted a few back in October; more to come soon. One more to tide you over until I finish sorting:DSC_0328cbws


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Lucy’s going on 5 months old (already!) and while she’s settled down a fair bit since she got here, you still can’t always trust her seemingly innocent face:

We get treated to this at least once a day:

Still, the wrestling matches are much less frequent than they used to be. They’ve also taken to eating out of each other’s dishes, as well as the dog’s.

Speaking of Roxer, I took him for a nice long walk last week, which we both thoroughly enjoyed:

I paused to grab a close-up or two:

I took my camera to the barn on Saturday and got a couple of gems:


This one cracked up the whole class:

And let’s not forget the little newbie:


That’s all folks! πŸ™‚

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Alrighty, I promised a post with pictures, so here we go. I’m not a professional by any means, but I usually manage to take pretty decent shots.

Without further ado, I present:

Twilight: "Ooh, toy! Attack with claw!"

I'm ready to ride!

Ombeline (aka Barn Staffer Extraordinaire) getting ready to take Kinou for a test ride!

Pics from the baptism:

Tom sharing his testimony - with much emphasis and enthusiasm


Adrien sharing his testimony

Pics from Sandrine’s birthday:

Roxer and Regis

Etienne, Sandrine and Ingrid having a blast!

Roxer wants to dance too!


Too cute πŸ™‚

Cake #1 - carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

Cake #2 - yellow cake with buttercream frosting

A little blurry, but I love the effect from the smoke and lights

More to come! πŸ™‚

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